43 Year old , Raleigh, America (USA) / Америка (США), Seeking 18-45


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  • Age: 18 - 45
  • Gender: Female / Женский
  • Currently Living: Anywhere in the world


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    I am originally from Argentina. Came to the US to finish up school (got my PhD) and been living here since then. I am currently in North Carolina and LA i go back and forth. I love many things in life too many to be writing here such as outdoor events, quad racing, paintball, and so on - I am also a bit of a nerd i enjoy computers very much (yes including some video games). I am a very outgoing person i love dancing, guess it is in my latin blood. I love people in general, i never feel lonely since there is always people around me (specially when i cook.. hehe). I am not sure what else about me i am supposed to add so if you want to know more you can email me :)
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    Casual Dating, Casual Dating, Serious Dating, Marriage, Friendship, Business Networking, Benefactor Arrangement, Mentoring, Casual fling
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    Ahh.. such a Cliche question. Here is where i am supposed to say i want a Funny, beautiful, smart motherly outgoing girl??? - Really that is what everyone wants but reality says: never happens. So my ideal person is the one that after i get to know seems ideal in my mind. So i dont want to discourage anyone from talking to me I truly believe every one has a chance. I am not only looking for romantic relationships i also love to have friends

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    5'10" in/177 cm
  • Weight / Вес
    166-170 lbs/75-77 kg