35 Year old , America (USA) / Америка (США), Seeking 23-34


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    No / Нет
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    No / Нет
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    Never Married / Никогда не был(а) женат(замужем)
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    No / Нет
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    Yes / Да

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  • Age: 23 - 34
  • Gender: Male / Мужской
  • Currently Living: Anywhere in my state/province


  • About Me / Обо мне
    I am a successful and down to earth person. I enjoy the simple things life has to offer as well as the more sophisticated things. I am spontaneous and adventurous and I do not like to be bored. I travel a lot with the horses and some with work and I enjoy traveling for leisure as well. I have high expectations for my life and I am looking for someone who can keep up with me. :)
  • Interests / Интересы
    Serious Dating, Marriage, Friendship
  • Travel Availability
    My ideal match would be a successful and intellectual male who is motivated and ambitious. I would enjoy spending time with someone who is active and spontaneous and knows how to keep the adventure going.

More Information

  • Ethnicity / Раса
    White/Caucasian / Белый
  • Height / Рост
    5'3" in/160 cm