39 Year old , Boston, America (USA) / Америка (США), Seeking 30-59


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    Never Married / Никогда не был(а) женат(замужем)
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  • Age: 30 - 59
  • Gender: Male / Мужской
  • Currently Living: Anywhere in my country


  • About Me / Обо мне
    Hello there! A little insight about myself, I am a young, successful, intelligent, educated single business woman. I am very outgoing, upbeat, happy, spiritual, spontaneous live life to the fullest kinda gal. Enjoy to travel, tend to be spur of the moment weekend get-a-ways. I have worked Corporate America a number of years and now currently freelance within the cosmetics industry allowing for great flexibility to travel and enjoy life to the fullest these days! Looking to meet quality, successful men with similar interests, values and outlook on life. Prefer classy nightlife and have a taste for the finer things life has to offer. Enjoy mentally stimulating conversations to carefree silly fun. Love to laugh, dance, into sports, working out, cooking, shopping. Very open minded, caring, understanding, no drama and not one to sweat the small stuff. If you have similar interests and life style, would love to hear from you!
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    Casual Dating, Casual Dating, Marriage, Friendship, Business Networking, Benefactor Arrangement
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    I am looking for someone established, successful, articulate, intelligent whom has a striking fun upbeat personality. Someone who loves to laugh, travel, outgoing and looking to share common interests.

More Information

  • Ethnicity / Раса
    White/Caucasian / Белый
  • Height / Рост
    5'3" in/160 cm
  • Weight / Вес
    116-120 lbs/52-54 kg