31 Year old , Edmundston, Canada / Канада, Seeking 18-75


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    No / Нет
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    No / Нет
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    Divorced / Разведен(а)
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    No / Нет
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    No / Нет
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    Yes / Да

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  • Age: 18 - 75
  • Gender: Male / Мужской


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    im a fun girl who likes to go out and have fun but that can also enjoy time at home cuddling on the couch! there's only one way to find out what im all about and thats to take the time to know me! im not judgamental and i like to be noticed for my individuality and brain instead of my looks!
  • Interests / Интересы
    Friendship, Casual Dating, Friendship
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    im looking for someone who will be able to respect me! i rarely see respectful people anymore! someone who knows how to have fun and appreciates the little things in life!

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    5'5" in/165 cm