42 Year old , Los Angeles, America (USA) / Америка (США), Seeking 23-42


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  • Age: 23 - 42
  • Gender: Male / Мужской
  • Currently Living: within 25 miles of Los Angeles,California,United States


  • About Me / Обо мне
    I want to meet a real gentleman . I love experiencing new things. I am studying psychology. I love to travel and meet new interesting people. I have lived in England and Mexico. I worked in the Entertainment biz but seek a more authentic living. I love men who have a passion for learning, experiences, art, travel, fun. I would love to meet my soul mate but let's start with coffee. I want to be around successful people who are done with the drama and are finding their purpose.
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    Marriage, Serious Dating, Friendship, Business Networking
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    I'm turning a corner on a lot in my life right now, dating is likely to be part of the story. For a long time I dated and had sex with men who if I lost them it wouldn't really matter. I might have thought I wanted sustained relationships with the men I was involved with but looking back ( with 20/20 hindsight) it was impossible. They weren't people who could sustain love and commitment and neither was I. I notice now that what I really want is a sustain emotional connection with a man and out of that can come our home, family, business venture etc.. So now I want to date men that have the possibility of sustaining an emotional connection over long periods of time and possibly distance. That's a risk for me, more of a risk than I have taken before. I would not be able to discard such a man if I was scared, hurt, angry, he wouldn't let me; and I think I am at the point where I would not let myself either. My plan is to date men who have a real possibility of becoming a husband in my way of thinking. A husband to me is someone who can sustain love , kindness and patience within himself fairly well and wants to give that to his wife, children and community. A husband can afford a family. I struggle with with but I think that if I was with a person who wanted to be become a doctor and he said to me " it may be tough for a while but I am committed to you and the family we will have once I have done the work I need to do to follow this dream , will you be with me? " I would be with him . I have a dream of becoming a therapist/healer and then a mom. I want a man who supports all my dreams. I deserve support and that's big for me to say and feel. A husband can ask for help when he needs to and even if he just wants it. It's ok to have limitations within a relationship, it is not OK to not move beyond them when called to do so, we need help in doing this. So there's the plan, Date guys that count. That show up and keep showing up, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially and maybe more ways than I can even conceive of right now.

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  • Ethnicity / Раса
    Black/African Descent / Черный/африканское происхождение
  • Height / Рост
    5'9" in/175 cm
  • Weight / Вес
    136-140 lbs/61-63 kg