35 Year old , Las Vegas, America (USA) / Америка (США), Seeking 24-34


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    No / Нет
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    No / Нет
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    Never Married / Никогда не был(а) женат(замужем)
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    No / Нет
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    No / Нет
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    Yes / Да

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  • Age: 24 - 34
  • Gender: Male / Мужской
  • Currently Living: Anywhere in the world


  • About Me / Обо мне
    I'm very outgoing and social. I love to have a good time and just enjoy life. I treasure my family and friends, they are the most important thing to me. I do believe love is the most important thing in life, just waiting to experience it. I'm a model, realtor and marketing specialist. I'm an entrepreneur and will dabble in just about anything if the opportunity is there.
  • Interests / Интересы
    Business Networking, Casual Dating, Serious Dating, Marriage, Friendship, Business Networking, Mentoring
  • Travel Availability
    I love meeting new people. Negativity is a drag, so I prefer to stick with those who are fun-loving and positive! You can walk away with some sort of new knowledge from everyone you meet.

More Information

  • Ethnicity / Раса
    White/Caucasian / Белый
  • Height / Рост
    5'10" in/177 cm
  • Weight / Вес
    121-125 lbs/54-56 kg