35 Year old , San Diego, America (USA) / Америка (США), Seeking 18-75


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    Never Married / Никогда не был(а) женат(замужем)
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  • Age: 18 - 75
  • Gender: Male / Мужской


  • About Me / Обо мне
    I'm a self-proclaimed computer nerd and I enjoy writing from time to time. Just a girl in San Diego who thinks photoshop is a form of leisure and source code is a hobby. I have a huge heart, yet cynicism can literally take up eighty percent of my thoughts each day. Maybe this is my way of entertaining myself. I'm a social girl who likes to meet anyone who's down to do something completely irrational and fun. I say hun, kiddo and babe a lot - I suppose it's my downfall, but I don't mind being quirky. I'm a mess. I'm random and clumsy and well, if I weren't me - I'd date me. Monotony is pretty much as unappealing to me as dirty toenails. Most of the time I think the world lacks passion and heeds ignorance, but I am tolerant and usually mistaken. I really do have a big heart, regardless of everything in life that stands to diminish it. I'm constantly waiting for the winter season so I can go up to my house in Tahoe and ride at the old snowboard park I used to work at. My favorite worD is 'awkward', uses of it are pretty much unlimited. I'm focussed on my company - - it's my baby and my life.
  • Interests / Интересы
    Casual Dating, Friendship, Business Networking, Mentoring
  • Travel Availability
    I'm meeting anyone who can enrich my life with their company, friendship etc.

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  • Height / Рост
    5'1" in/154 cm
  • Weight / Вес
    121-125 lbs/54-56 kg